Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly experienced
business and technical professionals

Our story

In 2012, civil engineer Dr. Sive Sivandran comes up with the concept to transform agricultural waste into a sustainable feedstock for biofuel producers. He undertakes a comprehensive study and finds a unique opportunity in Indonesia. Indonesia is the largest manufacturer of CPO in the world and, due to minimal local agricultural waste management practices, the largest producer of waste by-products from palm oil production. As POME is the largest agricultural waste by-product from CPO production, Dr. Sive embarks on a mission to develop an extraction and processing technology that converts POME into sustainable biodiesel feedstock for biodiesel manufacturing.

Our skills

  • Highly-trained professionals
  • Fully-sustainable products
  • Dedicated to high quality standards
  • Responsive and responsible

Why us?

Energy Feeds has developed an extraction and processing technology involved in converting POME into POA-based sustainable biodiesel feedstock.

Our strong team of engineers and business professionals can respond responsibly and overcome challenges that may occur

We listen to our clients needs and challenges and provide sustainable energy feedstock that satisfies their business needs and provides them with an environmental-friendly solutions.

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