Palm Acid Oil

We sell POA for biodiesel production

What is palm acid oil?

Palm Acid Oil (PAO) is a biofuel feedstock derived from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME). PAO is a by-product of the chemical refining of palm oil and consists of FFA (over 50%) and neutral oil, with 2-3% moisture and other impurities. It is very similar to palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD), but its FFA is generally lower. PAO is increasingly used for mixing in biofuel transportation fuel.

Product specifications

Palm Acid Oil

  • FFA is between 40 to 80%
  • Moisture & impurities <3%
  • Total fatty matter > 95%
  • Consistency : Semi-solid
  • Color : Brown
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Packaging formats

  • In 20 feet containers packed in flexi tanks of capacity appx. 21 metric tons each. Basis of shipment in containers can be CIF destination or FOC as required.
  • In bulk shipment of 1,500 to 5,000 metric tons per shipment directly from shore tanks available for loading at port. Basis of bulk shipment will be FOB only.

Where does PAO come from?

The largest waste by-product generated during the production of CPO is palm oil mill effluent (POME). For every ton of CPO produced, 2.9 tons of POME is generated. POME is the result of large quantities of steam and hot water used to clean the fruit and separate the shell and cake from the palm fruit. The water and steam are washed away on the mill floor and directed to waste ponds that gather the POME residue. POME consists of 3 to 5 % of Palm Acid Oil (PAO) and 95 to 97% of water. Once the PAO is processed and extracted from the POME, the PAO residue can be sold as a feedstock for the production of 2nd generation biofuels. Energy Feeds sells PAO that meets international specifications, such as ISCC-EU specifications.

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