ISCC Certification

Energy Feeds is a fully ISCC-certified supplier of feedstock

What is the ISCC certification for biomass?

ISCC is one of the leading certification systems for sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions. In 2010, it received the worldwide first official state recognition by the German authorities. In July 2011, the European Commission recognized ISCC as one of the first certification schemes to demonstrate compliance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive’s (RED) requirements. Additionally, ISCC PLUS has been developed for food, feed, technical/chemical (e.g. bioplastics) and other bioenergy applications (e.g. solid biomass). ISCC certification can be applied to meet legal requirements in the bioenergy markets as well as to demonstrate the sustainability and traceability of feedstock in the food, feed and chemical industries.

EFI received its first ISCC certification in May 2014 to certify that all our products and processes meet the high standards outlined by the ISCC. This assures our customers of the quality of our products and enables us to sell to EU markets.

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